My name is Elina Kokko. I am a 36 year old mother of two little girls from Espoo. I am a member of the West Uusimaa County Council and a social and health care teacher. During the past 9 years I have taught practical nurses to enter the field from early childhood education and care to elderly care. I have a master’s degree in health sciences and I am a physiotherapist. As a teacher, I have worked in various positions of responsibility and development, and in positions of responsibility of the Espoo Social and Health Care Teachers Association. In 2018, together with a four-person team, I published a nursing textbook for practical nurses.

As a Members of Parliament I especially will work behalf on these:


Developing things for the better requires the right people to make the right decisions. They need to have the ability and motivation to reform Finland that really serve the needs of each one of us. Regardless of age, ability to function, state of health or financial situation. In the parliamentary, there must be a strong voice for the professionals from different fields, as well as the voice of our ordinary citizens.

For a wellbeing tomorrow.

-Elina Kokko